Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise was founded in 1992. The company name tells the story of  the founder, Malik Ceesay, a man born in the village of Jahanka, the Gambia, who by the age of 20 found himself as a young migrant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Astonished by how many high-quality goods the Dutch discarded and labeled as second-hand, while there was an apparent demand for such relatively lower priced and high-quality goods in his country of origin, he begun the export of second-hand goods from the Netherlands to the Gambia.

As of now Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise counts four store locations, its main location being in Bakoteh, and the others being in Bundum, Bansang, and Mbur, Senegal. Moreover, Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise supplies tons of other secondhand stores in not only the Gambia, but Senegal, Mali, and Guinea.

After 28 years in business, our goals and motives remain the same. Our goal at Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise is to support the more vulnerable and lower-income households. Therefore, we remain committed to selling high-quality second-hand goods for relatively low and affordable prices.


In addition, as our company has grown over the past years, we have had the opportunity to not only organize annual discount sales to ensure that vulnerable and lower-income households can also purchase items at our store. Moreover, in January 2020, we have been able to donate over 300,000 Dalasi worth in goods to the Gambia Prison Services in order to boost service delivery and improve living conditions for inmates.

Malik Ceesay loading containers in Amsterdam circa 2013
Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise's donation to The Gambia Prison Services in 2020


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