General Goods Store

At Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise we sell everything, including furniture, electronics, appliances, accesories, cosmetics, clothing, bycicles, cars, and more. Almost all of our goods are second-hand and come fom the Netherlands, but also other parts in Western Europe.


Export on Demand

Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise is also involved in export on demand. Whether for business or personal purposes, if you seek to export any goods or cars from the Netherlands or Belgium to the Gambia or Senegal, we can be of help. For inquiries or questions, please email or call Malik Ceesay via WhatsApp: (+31 6  5141 0837).


Foreign Exchange Bureau

At Jahanka Amsterdam Enterprise's Foreign Exchange Bureau you can check exchange rates, send and receive money domestically, make an international money transfer, track a transfer, and more. For  inquiries or questions, please email or call Saho Surr: (+220 990 3869).